201 LIVE CERT Aboriginal Awareness Certification Custom Workshop

Aboriginal Awareness Training FULL DAY workshops for corporations, governments, contractors and associations.

Making informed decisions is a critical business responsibility.

The Aboriginal Awareness Training Workshop will provide your organization with the information needed in order to build effective and positive relationships with the Aboriginal people.

Gain the confidence to communicate and build relationships with Aboriginal peoples.

We help you create more effective working relationships with Aboriginal governments and businesses.

Aboriginal Awareness Training Workshop

Our clients include RBC Financial Group, Shell Canada Ltd., Ledcor Industries, ATCO Group of Companies, De Beers Canada, Schlumberger, Weyerhaeuser and many dozens of other corporations and government departments.

You are in good company.

Aboriginal Awareness Training Designed for those who:

  • Currently operate on or near Aboriginal communities or work in these communities on behalf of their clients.
  • Work with Aboriginal governments and businesses and need to know how to be more effective.
  • Want to market products or services to this growing and dynamic community.
  • Need to learn how to outreach, recruit and retain qualified Aboriginal Employees.
  • Need to learn how to build positive trusting relationships to enhance the consultation process.
  • Have an interest in learning why the Aboriginal communities are where they are today.
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Online Aboriginal Awareness Training

Aboriginal Awareness Training Objectives

Aboriginal Awareness Canada designed the program to create greater understanding and enhance communications between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. It serves as a tool for gaining awareness and understanding of a group of people who, through historical events, location, law, legislation and policies have remained separated, isolated, segregated and marginalized from mainstream society. The building of trusting and respectful relationships will occur through awareness, comfort, confidence and much improved communications.


The Aboriginal Awareness Training Workshop is facilitated by Robert Laboucane. Robert has extensive knowledge and insight about the Aboriginal people in Canada.