About Aboriginal Awareness Canada

Aboriginal Awareness Canada delivers Online Aboriginal Awareness Training, Aboriginal Awareness Training Workshops, Outreaching, Recruitment and Retention of Aboriginal Employment Inclusion Workshops and Aboriginal Consulting Workshops all across Canada.

We designed our online training and workshops for those interacting with Aboriginal governments, businesses and communities.

Learn how to build positive trusting relationships to enhance your effectiveness with Aboriginal people.

You will learn about history, terminology, treaties, land claims, geography, populations, demographics, political structures, decision-making, cost of the status quo, landmark court cases and so much more. We also address the issues and concerns around outreaching, recruiting, and retention of qualified Aboriginal employees.

Whether you are an executive, a senior manager, in public affairs, supervision, human resource departments, or are contractors, you will find this information of utmost value. By raising awareness and comfort through knowledge we enhance everyone’s effectiveness.

Aboriginal Awareness Canada
The World Leader in Aboriginal Awareness Training

Aboriginal Awareness Training? We invented the term.

We are the original and offer by far the best and most comprehensive Aboriginal Awareness Training available. Many companies have tried to copy what we do. We really appreciate the best form of flattery. However, the fact is that our Aboriginal Awareness Training sets the standard that all others try to follow.

32+ years experience | 66,000+ satisfied workshop attendees | 51,000+ online certifications | 950+ Clients | 2,500+ workshops